Training Services


Training is an integral part of maintaining an effective FSMS. For new joiners, it is a way to come up to speed and for the existing employees, it act as a reinforcement of principles. If there are sufficient number of participants, the training’s may be conducted at your premises as well.



We conduct ISO22000 and FSSC22000 awareness courses which can be either introductory course for 1 day or a detailed 2 day workshop. This training is recommended for the managers, supervisors and quality assurance team of organizations that are in the process of getting a certification or are certified for the above standards.


About Trainings


HACCP is the backbone of all food safety management system. Hence it is critical that everyone understand the principles and methodology of HACCP. We conduct a 1 day HACCP awareness course as well as a 2 days HACCP implementer’s workshop to enable the participants to understand in depth what it means to create a HACCP plan and how to determine the CCPs. This training is recommended for all production managers and QA/QC team irrespective of whether the certification.



FosTac (Food Safety Training and Certification) is a training program mandated by FSSAI, the regulatory and standards of India. Every food establishment is required to have one certified food safety supervisor for every 25 food handlers. As a training partner of FSSAI, we offer various courses under this program, namely the Basic Program for Food Handlers, Food Safety Supervisor for Advanced Manufacturing and Advanced Catering and other vertical specific programs on milk and milk products, bakery, meat and poultry and the like. The duration of the courses vary from a 4 hour course for food handlers to 2 days for some of the special programs.


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