Research and Development Services



The aim of research and development is to innovate new products and markets that improve your current and future state. Our team will help you to conduct research, develop concepts, create prototypes and execute tests that deeply accelerate your speed to market. After verifying and validating designs, we’ll help you develop a plan for getting your designs into production. Our team have versatile analytical skills paired with an innovative approach to problem solving. This gives our team the ability to conceptualize ways to invent products and improve design methods. Your value lies in our capability to tackle projects of different sizes, scopes, and industries. .


Food Product Development



Assure Food Solutions offers clients both unmatched experience and expertise in the areas of Food Product Development. We bring vast the experience to every project as we can initialize formulations, produce prototypes, carry out laboratory and pilot plant experiments, perform trials and strategize initial production. We work closely with each client to analyse formulations, review processes, secure suppliers and ingredients as well develop packaging options to reduce product costs