FSSAI Initiatives



Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC) is an initiative by FSSAI whereby food safety trainings are conducted for target groups in the food business to maximise knowledge and awareness of food safety regulations and policies to ensure food safety and hygiene.

FHEMS (Food Health and Enviornment Management Solutions) is the Approved Training Partner for FSSAI partner FoSTaC Trainings and we tie up with FHEMS for FoSTaC Trainings


FosTac Program

FosTac (Food Safety Training and Certification) is a training program mandated by FSSAI, the regulatory and standards of India. Every food establishment is required to have one certified food safety supervisor for every 25 food handlers. We are a training partner of FSSAI and we offer various courses under this program, namely the Basic Program for Food Handlers, Food Safety Supervisor for Advanced Manufacturing and Advanced Catering, Storage and Distribution and other vertical specific programs on milk and milk products, bakery, meat and poultry and the like. The duration of the courses vary from a 4 hour course for food handlers to 2 days for some of the special programs.


Hygiene Rating Program


We tie up with FSSAI partner on the Serve Safe program and can conduct audit on their behalf to provide a suitable hygiene rating score. This hygiene rating score may be displayed at the premises, or online, to communicate to the consumer that you care about the food safety and hygiene. You may also participate in audit for being a responsible place to eat to indicate that you are not just following the requirements but championing the cause.


Eat Right Campus

The Eat Right Campus is an initiative by the FSSAI to ensure the citizens eat Safe and Nutritious Food . The Safe and Nutritious Food (SNF) initiative has been launched to bring about social and behavioral change among citizens around food safety, hygiene and healthy diets in all spheres of life- at ‘Home’, ‘School’, ‘Workplace’ or while ‘Eating Out’. The philosophy is to create informative content and engagement material, along with simple messaging asking citizens to be aware, be cognizant and be receptive to SNF (safe and nutritious food). FSSAI is taking multiple initiatives to make the information available to the customers by asking businesses to get themselves rates through audits, put up signage which inform the customers that they care for the hygiene. There is also a trainings available for the FBOs to learn about it.